Providing quality childcare to all families across Edmonton and Sherwood Park and meeting their childcare needs and interests. Committed to a positive and respectful team relationship with our families by providing healthy and positive daily experiences to children along inclusion of children of varied abilities/cultures, and support encouragement of individual competencies.

Our Philosophy

Built on a foundation of caring and trust, together we create partnerships to build a community as an extension of the family.

Menisa Daycare’s philosophy is based on the importance of play. We believe that children are unique individuals with the right to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically through developmentally appropriate activities. Our childcare program supports an inclusive and multicultural program. We believe in understanding, accepting, and empowering all children. Being a part of an inclusive and multicultural environment helps children develop a healthy self-awareness as well as respect for others.

We believe in having trained and professional staff to provide a loving, caring, friendly, and safe environment for all children.

Menisa Daycare believes the center is an extension of the home, not a replacement. We will work with your family to provide positive experiences for all children. We feel that our program is enriched by the contributions of individual children and families.

Our Goal

SOCIAL: We encourage children to make friends and develop relationships with others, including our staff. We support children in developing their problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. We provide cooperative team experiences where children will learn about group dynamics and working with others. The staff assists children in every facet of their social development and are models of respectful interaction with children and adults of various age groups.

INTELLECTUAL: We encourage children to try new things in order to broaden their experiences in the world. Through our programming, we aim to provide children support for their emergent literacy, math, science and language development skills.

CREATIVE: We provide numerous opportunities for children to express themselves through art, music and drama. We provide materials and props that promote and support a child’s imagination, creativity and need for exploration.

Our daily program offers activities that encourage the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and creative, spiritual development of each age group with an emphasis on language and communication, problem solving and develop a positive self esteem.

EMOTIONAL: We encourage children to feel pride and develop their self-confidence. We help children develop independence, self-control and a Positive attitude. We also seek to introduce children to positive Coping strategies and discover means of working through some of life’s more difficult feelings. We aim to help children have fun and enjoy their time both in and out of the centre.

SPRITUAL: We encourage children to value and model non-materialistic values. We aim to create an atmosphere of morality that encourages healthy views of ethics and sense of justice that motivates children towards the acts of kindness, love, respect, compassion and charity. This outlook promotes understanding and consideration of religious differences.

Our Team

We are powered by people. Here at our center, we pride ourselves on a people-first attitude and believe in the power of a strong team. Along with our Centre Directors and Assistant Directors, our Early Childhood Educators are the best of the best and form what we consider to be a home-away-from-home learning environment for your child. They are not just experts in their field and daily caregivers, but they also act as mentors who inspire creativity, learning, individuality, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.

Our Upcoming Day-care:- Emerald park/manning & Emerald park/Griesbach